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Fun newlight on 20 Apr 2010

General election in one tweet

Ok I admit it’s over simplified and not fair. But since all parties have seemingly embraced social media, I guess it’s not too unfair to squeeze put them in on tweet.

UKIP: I hate Europe!
BNP: I hate foreigners!
SNP: It’s English’s fault!
Cameron: No more Brown!
Clegg: Look at me!
Brown: I agree with Nick

Fun newlight on 06 Jan 2010

Firelight at Edinburgh Hogmanay

Edinburgh.20100101.02-225x300 FirelightEdinburgh.20100101.01-225x300

The Firelight, a street performance and installation by French artists group Carabosse, at this year’s Edinburgh Hogmanay was a wonderful experience. I found it’s much more fun, not mention warmer, than the Prince Street New Year party.

The Royal Mile at the centre of Edinburgh Old Town is an ideal place for the “fire fountains” and torches. The historic buildings of St. Giles Cathedral and City Chamber provided a great background for all the performance. I have to admit I can’t help but wondering “how many health and safety forms these guys had to fill?” though.