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Media newlight on 02 Feb 2010

Mary-Jess Leaverland interview on BBC Chinese

If you want more Mary-Jess Leaverland vidoes, now you can watch her interview with BBC Chinese. It started in Mandarin but most part of interview were conducted in English. And she sang, in Mandarin.

Media &TV newlight on 28 Jun 2009

Very broad sense of traffic

I noted last month that the BBC TV programme Click used a video sequence taken out of the documentary Britain from Above. The sequence, as explained in Britain from Above, was made for the documentary to illustrate the taxi traffic in London over 24 hours. While being used in Click, however, it implied another kind of traffic, internet traffic. I wrote to Click through their online form but got no reply.

I was a little suprised to see it appeared again in last week’s Click, this time when commenting on Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report. It looks neat and convincing for that purpse, but I don’t think it’s right for Click to do this.

2009-06-27 Click 20090620

Media newlight on 03 May 2009

Traffic and … traffic

I could be wrong here, but isn’t the sequence used in BBC’s latest episode of Click, to illustrate the internet traffice in London, the same sequence used in Andrew Marr’s Britain from Above, to illustrate the taxis traffic in London?

I love the brilliant Britain from Above series and was very much impressed by the taxis traffice sequence which used the GPS information of 380 London taxis over a single day to generate the animation. I’m also a fan of Click. It’s a bit odd to see the same sequence is used to show the traffic of two different kind though.

Click, 2nd May 2009

BBC Click 2 May 2009

Britain from Above

Britain from Above

Uncategorized newlight on 14 Jun 2007

My mini-Springwatch

I love BBC TWO’s Springwatch. Today will be the last of the programme, or this ‘season’. Small birds have to grow up and fly away – if they could survive the attack from mink and so on, so perhaps it’s better to let it go.

I have my mini-Springwatch though, just down to the local park.

The parent:

my mini-springwatch

The child:

my mini-springwatch

Media newlight on 04 Jun 2007

One less viewer of World News Today

BBC Four The WorldBBC Four’s The World has an imaginative new name, World News Today, and a new slot at 7pm, which is a shame, because I’m a fan of its presenter Zeinab Badawi. I watched The World. Unlike other news programmes, The World doesn’t have to cover every news, thus allowing more time for each story, sometimes with discussion and debate, which is informative. But I have to say it hasn’t reached the status of untouchable, so when BBC Four decides to change it to the suicidal slot of 7pm, the unmissable Channel 4 News is the certain winner for me. So I’m afraid there will be one less viewer of World News Today.